MM ShowTec Fire Extinguisher S II


MoorMan’s ShowTec FIRE EXTINGUISHERTM S II is a unique top-dress supplement in meal form for exhibition swine. It provides research-proven Thermal Care™ S which helps swine cope with heat stress. ShowTec FIRE EXTINGUISHER S II contains CitriStim® (an ADM proprietary, multi-component, functional, whole-cell, inactivated yeast) along with PremiDex™ and Prosponse™ yeast to help support a healthy functioning gastrointestinal tract. ShowTec FIRE EXTINGUISHER S II can be fed during any phase of the feeding program when heat stress may be a challenge.

ShowTec FIRE EXTINGUISHER S II is not a complete feed. Feed this product to swine at the rate of 2 ounces per pig per day. Use this product as a replacement for 2 ounces of complete feed. The scoop included holds 2 ounces of product.